Ahrn Stonehammer

Dwarf Warlock


Ahrn Stonehammer is a sturdy looking dwarf. Standing 4’6" tall and weighing 166 pounds, he fits the mold of his mountain dwarf kin. His unremarkable bushy black hair flows continuously into his black beard and mustache and his light skin and facial structure gives the impressions of a relatively young dwarf, while his stride seems to be one of someone who has seen his fair share of experiences. He could easily be seen, as his short beard might suggest, as a craftsman, yet he appears to have the build one would expect of a warrior. He proudly wears splint mail armor which he seems to easily move around in, but carries no visible weapons. When needed he calls upon what appears to be a crudely formed, raw stone maul to do his bidding.


Age: 55
4’6" Tall, 166 Lbs
Black hair, Brown eyes
Muscular/Stocky build

Ahrn Stonehammer

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